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Public spaces CCTV in Christchurch

The Christchurch public space CCTV System is made up of a range of cameras installed at various strategic locations throughout the town centre and Highcliffe including streets, parks, public places, car parks and council premises.

The system is mainly used to prevent, detect and reduce crime as well as monitoring traffic flow and assisting in traffic management issues.

Strict procedures are in place to ensure that cameras and footage are only used in line with data protection laws. This protects the right to privacy whilst still detecting and preventing crime.

Cameras are installed in the following locations:

  • CCTV Control Room
  • Barrack Rd junction The Grove
  • Barrack Road junction Avenue Road
  • Meridians roundabout Stour Rd
  • Bargates junction Stour Rd
  • Bargates opposite junction Beaconsfield Rd
  • Pit Site Car Park
  • Bypass Fountain Way / A35 By-pass
  • High Street junction Fountain Way
  • Saxon Sq The Mall
  • Millhams St North
  • Saxon Sq
  • Saxon Sq toilets- Millhams St North
  • Banks Close car park
  • High St opposite junction Millhams St
  • High St opposite junction Castle St
  • Saxon Sq car park walkway
  • Saxon Sq car park lower deck vehicle exit
  • Saxon Sq car park lower deck middle
  • Saxon Sq car park lower deck far
  • Saxon sq car park lower deck vehicle ramp exit
  • Wick Lane car park near entrance/exit
  • Wick Lane car park rear of Regent Centre
  • Priory car park
  • Quomps car park
  • Wick Lane (High St end)
  • Church St
  • Castle St by The Kings Priory
  • Bridge St entrance to Civic Centre
  • Civic Centre rear car park
  • 2 Riversmeet Car Park
  • Bridge St junction Stoney Lane South
  • Somerford Rd junction Stanpit
  • Hunt Rd opposite junction Druitt Rd
  • Mudeford Quay entrance road
  • Mudeford Quay Fishermans Dock
  • Highcliffe Crows Nest
  • Lymington Rd junction Waterford Rd
  • Lymington Rd opposite junction Bucehayes Close

Code of practice

When we use CCTV we have to follow government guidelines. Our Code of Practice is based on the 12 Guiding Principles listed in the Home Office Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013.

Information Commissioners Self Assessment 2018

Privacy Notice 2018

Requesting CCTV footage

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Making a request for footage relating to a vehicle accident under a SAR may mean the information you require, for example, the identity of the person in other vehicle/incident, cannot be released.

Requests by members of the public for CCTV images are limited to 'personal information' as required by the Data Protection Act. Third-party information (e.g. another's identity or vehicle registration number) will not be disclosed through such requests. Any person making a request must be able to satisfactorily prove their identity and provide sufficient information to enable the data to be located.

We will normally provide the information within one month of receipt of a valid SAR. However, we are able to extend the period of compliance by a further two months where requests are complex or numerous. If this is the case, we will inform you within one month of the receipt of the request and explain why the extension is. 

Third Party Requests for CCTV Footage

If you need CCTV footage of a vehicle accident the usual route for the council to consider releasing it would be a request for disclosure under Data Protection Act 2018 - Schedule 2, Paragraph 5(3) which would need to come from your solicitor or your insurance company. The council would then decide if releasing the footage would be lawful, and if so would release the information for the insurance company to take appropriate action.

All requests for the release of CCTV footage will be channelled through the council's Data Protection Officer. For information please contact Public Health and ask for the Senior Community Safety officer.

Complaints about CCTV and its use

If you wish to make enquiries or a complaint about any aspect of the Christchurch Public Spaces CCTV System you may do so by contacting Public Health. All complaints will be treated seriously. We will publish on this page data regarding the number of complaints we receive. To date we have not had any complaints about CCTV and its use. If the outcome from a complaint about how the system operates or how images (data) were handled is thought to be unsatisfactory, the Office of the Information Commissioner will investigate independently.

For more information you can visit the Information Commissioners Office or you can write to the Information Commissioner's Office.

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