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Building materials licence

You must apply for a licence to place building materials on the highway. The licence is valid for 28 days.


Licences cost £50 per week.

​Apply and pay for a building materials licence

Applications must be submitted at least one week before the building materials are due to be placed on the highway.

Conditions of consent

  1. Building materials must not be placed on the footway
  2. Building materials may be placed on the highway verge, provided that the verge is reinstated shortly after the removal of materials
  3. Building materials may only be placed on the carriageway of lightly trafficked roads - less than 20 vehicles in 3 minutes total 2-way flow (less than 400 vehicles/hour)
  4. Building materials must not obstruct any public or private access to premises unless the consent of the occupier has been obtained
  5. Building materials must not obstruct the flow of water in any drainage channel
  6. Building materials must not obstruct access to any manhole or any other apparatus in the highway (e.g. water valves, fire hydrants, gas valves)
  7. No material that is inflammable, explosive, noxious, dangerous or likely to putrefy shall be placed on the highway and nor shall anything else which might become a nuisance to users of the highway
  8. Any rubbish placed on the highway shall only be disposed of in licensed tips
  9. The highway shall be left in a clean and tidy condition. Any damage shall be reported to BCP Council and repaired in accordance with agreed details
  10. All signing and guarding measures, including lamps and cones, must comply with both the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, and with Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual. Both documents are available from HMSO
  11. The applicant shall not allow the obstruction to remain in the street any longer than is necessary

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