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Air quality in Christchurch

Air quality within Christchurch is assessed against the National Air Quality Objectives. We are required to review air quality across the borough each year and produce a report.

You can view the annual reports from the latest round of review and assessment below:

What are the National Air Quality Objectives?

The UK air quality objectives are set by central government for seven pollutant parameters;

  • Benzene

  • 1.3 Butadiene

  • Particulates (PM10)

  • Carbon monoxide (CO)

  • Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

  • Nitrogen dioxide (NO2)

  • Lead (Pb)

If an assessment of the air quality in Christchurch identifies an exceedance or likely exceedance of the objective for one of these pollutant parameters, then we will have to carry out a more detailed assessment for that pollutant. If the exceedance is confirmed then we would declare an air quality management area (AQMA). An AQMA will define the area where the exceedance is occurring and will have an action plan to reduce the pollutant levels so that the objective is being complied with.

What is the air quality like in Christchurch?

Air quality in Christchurch has been assessed annually against the National Air Quality Objectives and there have been no occasions when these assessments have identified that the objectives are being exceeded. There is therefore no requirement for Christchurch to declare or consider declaring an AQMA.

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