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Services in Christchurch

Pest control

We operate a service for the treatment of rats, mice, wasps and some insects in domestic premises. See table below for fees and advice sheets.

We also offer a service for the treatment of rats and mice in commercial premises. The cost will be based upon a rate of £56.10 per half hour and the time will be set following a site survey.

To book a pest control treatment please contact us:


Report a pest or rodent problem

You can report a pest or rodent problem using our short online form. We will then contact you to advise and confirm any charge.

Our fees

All our fees include V.A.T.

Pest control charges
Type of pestFee
Wasps £55.60 - single nest
(additional nest £15.80 on same visit)
Rats/mice - domestic £45 (up to 3 visits)
Rats/mice - commercial £56.10 (based on negotiation by treatment costs per half hour) 
Bedbugs From £82 - standard 2 bed property
(£25 per additional room)
Fleas From £71.50 - standard 2 bed property (£25 per additional room)
Carpetmoths From £71.50 - standard 2 bed property
(£25 per additional room)
Ants £30.60 - single nest
(£15 per additional nest on same visit)
Clusterflies £61.20 - up to 2 loft spaces (£30 per additional loft space)

We do not treat for any other pests including bees, other insects, badgers, bats, moles, squirrels, rabbits, foxes or birds.

How to prevent rats and mice

  • try to eliminate any sources of food, water and shelter e.g. open storage of food, bird food or pet food. If you like to feed the birds try using a rat proof table or container
  • check to ensure rats and mice cannot enter your property, e.g. through gaps under doors or around pipes
  • compost bins should be fully enclosed and fitted with 6mm galvanised wire mesh to the base before placing it on the ground. This will prevent rats and mice tunnelling into your bin. Use your compost bin only for vegetable matter
  • ensure your dustbin has a properly fitting lid and that all refuse is properly disposed of

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