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Services in Christchurch

Moving school during the school year (in year admissions)

Known as "In Year" Applications

Moving to Christchurch

If you are planning to move to Christchurch and need a school place for a child who is already attending school, it's important that you contact us to find out where there are places available. 

Our Children's Information Service can talk you through the process and advise you where there are spaces. You can contact them on:

If you're moving into or within Christchurch and you want your application to be based on your new address you must give us proof of this address.

Proof can be any of these:

Type of house move


Property sale

Solicitor's letter confirming exchange of contracts on your property sale and purchase.

Property rental

Copy of your new tenancy agreement giving property address and date of duration of tenancy and notice to quit your current property. These must be signed by you and your new landlord. The new tenancy agreement must be signed and dated before the closing date, but can have a start date later than the closing date.

Moving to live with a friend or relative

Letter from your friend or relative confirming the arrangements and the date that you'll be moving to live with them. Proof of their address, such as a recent Council Tax or utility bill. You can only base your application on this address once you're actually living there.

Child moving from one parent or carer to live with another on a long-term basis

Written confirmation from both parents (or from parent or previous carer and new carer) explaining the new arrangements. Proof of the new address, such as a copy of a recent Council Tax or utility bill.

Armed services or crown servants

Posting order or official letter stating the date you're due to move and the unit postal address or quartering area.

Domestic violence refuge

Written confirmation from refuge staff that you're living in the refuge due to domestic violence.

Moving into Christchurch from outside the UK

If you're a British citizen living abroad, or a citizen of the European Economic Area you need to send us:

  • copies of passports or citizen cards
  • proof of a UK address where you will be resident
  • a date of arrival in the UK for you and your child

If you're a citizen from a country outside the European Economic Area you need to send us:

  • copies of passports
  • endorsed visa
  • proof of a UK address where you'll be resident
  • date of arrival in the UK for you and your child

We can only process your application once your child is living in the UK. You must show original passports and visas to the school when your child starts school.

Moving from a local school

Changing your child's school part way through the year is a big decision. There are some situations where you can't avoid it, like moving house. If there are other reasons for changing schools, you should:

  • discuss the reason you want to change schools with your child's current school
  • understand that in year places are not always available
  • consider the impact on your child as they leave friends and a familiar environment
  • think about whether a new school can offer your child the courses or exams they want to take, particularly during GCSE or A level courses

Making the Application

You can apply apply online or complete a paper form which may be requested from our offices.

The co-ordinated scheme for BCP Council is currently under revision due to the reorganisation of Local Government in the area. A new scheme will be published here once it is finalised. 

School Admission Policies

Admission Policies for all mainstream Christchurch schools are available. Read the policies here for the schools you are interested in before you apply, to make sure the school is right for you. 

Information about Schools

You may wish to consult our lists of schools within the Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole areas of BCP Council. 

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