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Services in Christchurch

Archive - Dorset Local Offer -You said, we did 2016

Below is information following feedback from a time when Christchurch services were delivered by Dorset County Council.

Developments outlined relate to the Dorset Local Offer. 

Dorset Parent Carer Council (DPCC) Teenager to Adult event October 2016

We asked attendees to review the new Local Offer that had recently moved to See the table for responses from parents, professionals and young people. 

Feedback we received at our Dorset Parent Carer Council event in 2016 and the actions we took

Your feedbackThe action we took as a result 

How easy is it to use?   How clear is the info?

27%  'very easy'          55% 'very clear'

64% 'easy'                  36% 'clear'

9% 'ok'                       9% 'ok'

No-one said it was difficult or very difficult.

We were pleased that the majority of users found the new site easy to use and the information easy to understand. We will continue to develop our Local Offer - so please *feedback*.
I want to know about what happens after my child is 18 years old. Looking for employment opportunities and adult social care. You will now find this information in our Local Offer teenager to adult section in:
  • education and training
  • jobs

We are still developing the social care area of the Local Offer to include more information specific to the 16+ age range.

I want more information on finding specialist colleges for education from 16 years old onwards.

I struggled to find specialist schools for young people aged 16+ with complex needs.

We are still developing the education area of the Local Offer to include more information specific to the 16+ age range. There is already some special educational needs and disability (SEND) information available in our education and training section. We will update this page when we've finished.
I always find easy to use. It's thorough with a lot of information. I found a lot of relevant things that I need to look at in more depth. However getting the right referral is more difficult.

Thank you. We will continue to develop our Local Offer in response to any feedback received.

Without knowing which referral process this feedback relates to it is difficult to respond. To give more detailed comments on SEN and disability referral processes, please complete our *feedback form*.

I couldn't find the age limit for housing benefit (young person with learning difficulties).

Thank you. We will continue to develop the housing section and improve the information provided.

We are currently reviewing the filters in the  education section of our directory so that it's easier to find post 16 special schools. We will update this page when we've finished.

I really liked the transport section, good information and easy to get around (young person with learning difficulties). Thank you. We will continue to develop the transport section of our Local Offer in response to any feedback received. 

Dorset Parent Carer Council information event March 2016

We consulted with parents on what qualities they valued in a website and also where they would like to find SEN and disability information. See the table for their feedback.

Feedback from the Dorset Parent Carer Council information event 2016 and the actions taken
 Your feedback The action we took as a result
The majority of parents (67%) rated 'accurate information' as most important. They also rated ease of searching and being from a trusted source highly, followed by 'all in one place'. No parents rated the qualities related to the look and feel of the website as the highest priority.  It was clear parent's wanted one website which provided information that was:
  • simple, clear and accurate
  • trusted
  • understandable

They wanted it to have information for all children as well as information which meets the needs of children or young people with SEN and disability.
So we moved the Local Offer from the Family Information Directory and placed it within the Children and Families section of As 'Local Offer' is not a well-known term, we called the section disabilities and special educational needs - Local Offer.

We improved the information within the Local Offer (explained in further consultation above). 

We still link the Family Information Directory from the Local Offer when users need the service. Many services within the directory have provided extra detail about their SEN and disability provision. we have marked these services with the yellow 'Local Offer' symbol).  

In an open question about who they trusted to provide information the majority (over a quarter) said Dorset County Council. The rest mostly mentioned specific professionals supporting their child (e.g. the school)
The majority of preferences said they would prefer to use one website that contained all information to meet their family's needs, but with the ability to easily find information specific to the needs of their child with SEN or disabilities.


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