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Services in Christchurch

Get help for your family

How can I find help myself?

Our Family Information Service can help you with online information such as:

  • finding childcare
  • information about childcare funding
  • finding activities, clubs, events and self-help groups on our Family Information Directory
  • applying for free school meals
  • information about help and support you can get as parents and families of children and young people with SEND on our Local Offer
  • advice on where to find help if you're concerned about your child's behaviour or progress

Find support on our Local Offer

Information, advice and services to support parents and families of children and young people with SEND.

How can I get help from elsewhere?

Sometimes you may feel you need a bit more help and support. The Christchurch Family Partnership Zone brings people together to help and support children, young people and their families with any aspect of family life

The Christchurch Family Partnership Zone can provide information, advice and guidance, as well as direct support around anything relating to family life, including:

  • staying safe
  • keeping healthy
  • parenting
  • managing finances
  • achieving well in the early years, at school and getting a job

And can:

  • bring together professionals to help your child, for example, by working with your health visitor, doctor or school teacher
  • provide one-to-one family work
  • suggest  parenting support courses that could help you and your family
  • offer help and advice for more complex needs, maybe you’re concerned about your child’s behaviour, or worried about their development or emotional or mental health
  • support young people and teenagers through  targeted youth work
  • link you to local groups that can support you, including activities at your local Children's Centre
  • help your child be ready for school
  • help you fill out any relevant forms and paperwork

The team support children through 4 main areas of work:


We identify children and families who might need additional help.

We do this by gathering information we already have about children and their families into one place. We then share this information with others who might be able to help. Of course, we talk to families to let them know they're eligible for this help.

By doing this, families get help before a small problem becomes a bigger problem or crisis. We do this regularly to make sure children, young people and their families are made aware of the help they're entitled to. 

Information, advice and guidance

We provide information, advice and guidance to families. Our family advisers visit toddler groups, libraries, schools, leisure centres and anywhere families may spend time to help people find out about local services and reliable sources of information. 

Activity and parenting workers and family workers

Our activity and parenting workers and family workers run groups and activities. We often do this alongside other people and professionals in community venues like church halls, Children's Centres, schools and libraries. 

Family workers

Our family workers provide support to families in your family home. They often work with other professionals or experts to help a family overcome difficulties. They listen to all members of the family to understand what's going well, what's not going so well and what might make a difference. They work with the family to draw up a plan.

Sometimes they help other people to be part of this work or to lead it. They are usually people the family already know, like teachers, housing officers or health visitors. 

What kinds of issues can Family Partnership Zone help families with?

We have lots of experience supporting families and work with others who have expertise. Here are some examples of issues we've helped with, but there are many more:

  • parents are separating or have separated
  • there's historical or current domestic abuse 
  • parents are finding it difficult to manage their child's behaviour
  • children or young people are experiencing problems with their learning
  • young people are self-harming or are thinking of self-harming
  • a family member uses alcohol or substances
  • families are struggling to cope financially
  • families don't know where to access information

They will try to make sure there's a single professional that works with your family. This lead professional means you only have to tell your story once and you have one point of contact. 

If you think you might need help, contact us: 

Christchurch Family Partnership Zone (FPZ)

Name: Steve Cox O'Rourke
Mob: 01202 225724
Full details for Christchurch Family Partnership Zone (FPZ)

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