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Planning public events in Christchurch

What you need to do when planning an event

If you are planning to organise an event in Christchurch, you are expected to inform all relevant agencies of your intended event.

This can be best achieved by writing and distributing an Event Management Plan (EMP). Ideally, EMPs should be circulated to all agencies at least three months in advance of the event. Larger, more ambitious events are encouraged to share outline planning with relevant agencies as early as twelve months prior to the event. If you need assistance in drafting an EMP, please consult the small events guide.

You may be contacted directly by agencies with questions or advice on how to make your event safer. If you are organising a large event or if the agencies perceive problems, they may suggest the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) should meet. If this happens, the event organiser is expected to coordinate and facilitate the SAG meeting. SAG meetings are best held between six and three months prior to the event.

Getting permission from the landowner

Before you prepare your EMP, you must check you have permission from the landowners.

In Christchurch, many of the open spaces are owned by the council. Please see Parks and Open Spaces in Christchurch for further details, including how to apply for permission.

Other locations used for events

If you intend to hold a festival or gathering in the foreseeable future it is recommended you contact the SAG well in advance of your event and outline the event details such as it's scale, target audience and the intended activities on site and proposed dates. A large scale event intended to host thousands of people can take over 12 months of planning from concept to the delivery stage (depending on it's complexity). To discuss your event please contact us first.

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