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Busking licence

When you need a licence

Busking is not usually considered a licensable activity under the Licensing Act 2003 but you may need a licence if you are holding an event where buskers are the main attraction.

If you want to sell any goods, such as CDs and merchandise, you will need a street trading licence.

You don't need a licence for unamplified live music between the hours of 8am and 11pm.

Getting permission from the landowner

You must get permission from the landowner to busk. This could be:

  • the highways authority (to busk on public highway)
  • the town council
  • a private landowner

What you need to consider

Busking is not illegal but you should ensure you are:

  • not making too much noise

  • not blocking public highways (footpaths, pavements, open pedestrian areas)

  • not displaying notices asking for payment

  • not using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour, or written material

Children under 14 aren’t allowed to busk.

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