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Services in Christchurch

Christchurch Cemetery

Coronavirus (COVID-19): change to service

On advice from the government regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have introduced stricter limits on guests to contain the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

See further information about changes to services.

Fees and charges for Christchurch Cemetery for 1 April 2019 to 31 March 2020.

Opening hours

Christchurch Cemetery is located in Jumpers Road and it's opening times are below.

The cemetery office is at the Civic Offices, Bridge Street.

Opening hours
1 April to 31 May                                                              9am - 5.30pm
1 June to 30 September 9am - 7.30pm
1 October to 31 March 9am - 4.30pm

Funeral costs 

If the deceased person wasn't a resident of Christchurch, burial costs are doubled. If they were a resident of Christchurch and left less than two years ago, the standard cost applies.


Burial costs
DetailsCharge (£)
Stillborn or up to one month old No charge
Child between one month and 12 years 145.00
Adults or over 12 years old:
At 5 feet depth 432.00
At 7 feet depth 470.00
At 9 feet depth 528.00

Cremated remains in casket (at 4 ft)


Ashes: not in casket interred below surface (not scattered)


Cremation graves

Cremation graves costs
DetailsCharge (£)
Purchase of grave and first burial                                         433.00
Additional burials of caskets (up to 4) 106.00

Use of chapel

Use of chapel costs
DetailsCharge (£)
Use of chapel for service                                                              54.00

Purchase of right of burial

Exclusive right of burial for 50 years in earthen grave.

Purchase of right of burial costs
DetailsCharge (£)
Child's grave (up to age 12)                                                  204.00
Adult unselected lawn 459.00
Adult selected (part of old cemetery) 866.00
Pre-purchase premium or reservation fee   80.00

Headstones and memorials

Memorials can be erected on graves which have exclusive rights of burial. 

You must get permission from the council before you erect a memorial.

Contact us with exact details of the construction of the memorial, the method of erection and the inscription. See Christchurch Cemetery Regulations for more information.

Costs for permission to erect memorials

Costs for permission to erect memorials
DetailsCharge (£)
Flat stone, not enclosed by kerb or border and not exceeding 7ft by 3ft (2.1m by 0.9m) 201.00

Headstone, foot stone, cross or book memorial etc

Kerbstones or border stones enclosing a space and not exceeding 7ft by 3ft (9m by 2.1m)   129.00
Kerbstones or border stones exceeding size as in (iii), a fee is payable for each additional space 109.00
To add additional inscription to existing memorial   49.00
Vase not exceeding 1ft (300mm) in height   41.00

Certificates and record searches

We hold records of burials at Christchurch cemetery dating from 1 January 1858. There is a charge for searching the records:

Certificates and record searches costs
DetailsCharge (£)
Copy of deed of grant                                                          37.00 inc VAT
Copy of page in burial register 37.00 inc VAT
Search with a definite date

36.00 inc VAT

Search with no definite date

61.00 inc VAT

Other search hourly rate 36.00 inc VAT

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